FIFA 11 countdown

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly counting the days down to the new FIFA 11.  I had the luxury of looking at EA’s newest update of the series at GAMESCOM in Cologne in August, presented by none other than David Rutter himself.  So, Fifa 11 in a nutshell, what is it all about, in a short summary …

11th player

You can play as the keeper in the be a pro.  David showed this feature and it looked quite cool, you can shout at the other players as Schmeichel did so famously with United throughout the years.

Manual passing system

Finally the passing system has been redesigned, after playing a couple of games I was surprised how quickly I got adjusted to it, but beware it is really easy to make passing failures.


Not much discussed as a feature, but great to finally have a handball in the GAME, this feature can though be turned both on and off, as this can probably be frustrating, especially when the ref gets it wrong 😉


The referees differ now in terms of leniency, some might be extremely strict and other will let most things go, this will hopefully create more randomness when it comes to the referees.


Now Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba and other star players will behave as they do in real life on the pitch.  This means that Drogba will probably be whining at the referee at all times while Rooney will be madly tackling the player that took the ball off him 😉

Simplified Menu’s

EA is finally doing something about the menu system in FIFA with more as a rational and simplified menu structure.

Career Mode

The management mode is no more, instead you have a career mode that will span 15 seasons.  First you can play as a player and then progress to become a manager.  Sounds pretty sweet!

As I said this is a short summary.  I had a discussion with David about referee mistakes and whether they would potentially pop up in Fifa 11 or in further updates.  David seemed to be very passionate about this issue, constantly saying that this is not reality but a computer game and has to be treated as such;)  So I would be surprised if we would see referee mistakes being implemented such as disallowed goals, allowed goals or even failing to spot blatant offsides 😉

Anyways, Fifa 11 seems to be shaping up fantastically well and I cannot wait until October the 1st.