After reading some of the reviews for Singularity, I became interested in trying out the latest shooter from Raven.  Raven has made many fine shooters through the years, which most have been decent but never made it to the top.  As usually with the FPS the storyline did not interest me at all, at least not by reading it off the back cover of the game, but I was willing to try it out, and at £20 you can’t really go wrong can you?

The story so far has been fairly good, its a combination of Half-Life 2 (experiment that goes wrong), DeathSpace (creepy mutants) with some bits of modern and futuristic warfare thrown in.  You play a soldier that is supposed to infiltrate this island where Russians did experiments with a new anti-matter which was their answer to US Nuclear Threat.  Anyways, everything goes really wrong and you are stuck on this island, time-travelling, battling these monsters as well as some modern day and world war 2 era russian soldiers.  As I said, the story is so, so …

What gripped me though is the fluidity of the game as the framerate of the game is fantastic and has some really nice visual effect.  The athmosphere is out of this world and the game grips you from the very start.  As I am just brief into the game, I really do not want to make too many statements so I will update this article later on.  The game is anything but easy though, specially the end bosses, but a lot of fun.

As I said, you can’t really go wrong with this £20 shooter.