FIFA 11 vs PES 11

EA has done it!  Just as United beat Roma in the Championship League 7-1 couple of years back, EA wipes the floor with Konami once again and this year it is extremely bad.  Don’t get me wrong PES is better than last year in presentation, simplicity and focus, but the game is miles away from Fifa 11 which becomes harder to improve as it approaches perfection.

With few additions Fifa 11 is way harder than its predecessors, with manual passing system and much improved AI it has become a real frustration trying to find holes in the oppositions defense.  I realize it is still early days but man against man is almost impossible, although the through passes as well as dribbling on the wing has been much improved.  The penalty system is largely unchanged from the world cup game, so penalties are completely a nerve wrecking experience and are far from a given goal as in Fifa 09.  One of the things that I really look forward to try out is the player/management role which looks promising.  Be a Pro : Goalkeeper mode looks good and you can try out the goalkeeping function in the demo.

In terms of PES, what annoys me most while playing it is how the action and the speed of the game is unnatural, it feels that you are not quite in control as players react sluggishly to your commands which can be controller-thrown-at-the-wall frustrating.  The visual part of the game is much better than before and menu’s are simpler and more straightforward.  Playing PES feels that you are watching a televised game which is better than the presentation of its counterpart.  But the if the game doesn’t feel right to play, then Konami can simply forget any chance of even coming into a touching distance of the EA’s crown.

There are still improvements though to be made in the game, one of the things which I feel is very unreal is the fact that referees and linesman, as well as players on the pitch rarely do mistakes.  Linesmen as well as referees always make the right calls, there is no randomness which I feel is completely useless.  I know that there is a tournament, competiton element to the game, but can’t they just make a PRO mode in the game where these things are disabled?

It seems that when my copy of Fifa arrives, it will stay in my Xbox for a long time, if you fancy a game, my gamertag is bestur.