Old friends are gold :)

I don’t remember having lunch with my old Icelandic friend Sigurður Pétursson since 1992.  Therefore we thought it would be a good idea for us to meet up with London when Siggi came to UK for his birthday.  I am just realizing now that I did not get him anything, but I took him to my all-time favorite restaurant, Zuma.  We had  a late booking, but the food was as usual astonishing, I made one new discovery in Zuma, when I tried to order Limoncello.  They did not have that, but had a fantastic alternative made from Lemons and Saki.  Highly recommended.

As always, me and Siggi had a lot of things to talk about.  The time flew by and we could have probably been seated there through dinner as well if the employees would not have to leave the premises 😉    I am not aware how long I sat there with Siggi, but I know that when I called our friend August from the taxi, then it was around dinnertime 😉

Thank you Siggi for a fantastic lunch, we need to do this more often 😉