What a crazy night …

Things go rarely as planned 🙂  After GAME’s conference on friday, we were fortunate to have a few friends over.  First came Einar and David to Camberley where we had a fantastic mexican lunch at Chiquito.  We had a lot to catch up on and after few beers we ended up home, playing PS3 move.  Einar unfortunately had to leave for the airport late afternoon and shortly thereafter Charlotte came home from work.  The plan was to have a easy evening at home, a little bit of italian cooking and play some games.  That however was about to change, I had a phonecall from a US contact who wanted to meet up and we decided to make a night out of it and head out to London for dinner at Goucho.  At 11.00 everything was going to plan, or until the sisters, Cisse and Charlotta showed up.  As the Swedes would say “Då var det kört” !

Few Mojitos later as well as couple of wine bottles, doing few bar rounds and convincing a London taxi driver to take us all to Camberley, we ended up singing Singstar into the morning.  I still have no idea who won, but it was really fun … until the day after 😉

Around lunch everyone gathered for breakfast and made a call to Johan Stolt who had been keenly aware of what was going down in Camberley according to his Facebook entry.

After breakfast the sisters headed back into London to do some more shopping and David went to see the Gunners lose against WBA at the Emirates.  We took it rather easy for the remainder of the day 🙂