Great weekend with the children

We spent last weekend with the kids in Iceland, I flew over on the friday but Charlotte followed suit on saturday as she was in Sweden last week.  It was great to be with them as always but the visit was somewhat subdued due to the fact that Fanney was sick and threw up the majority of saturday and all saturday night.  Not good and tonight I heard that she had pneumonia, not good and both Kristjan and Berglind coughed as there was no tomorrow.  Luckily I had brought with me scarves, hats and gloves (as pictured below), but Fanney did absolutely not want to wear them.  She told me in the end that she might possibly in the distant future wear them and only if there was snow.  I see that she is as hard to bargain with as Berglind has always been.  We really hope that they will be feeling a little bit better when we visit them at the end of October when we plan to celebrate Halloween 😉