The homecoming

6 months later and Max is finally home.  Charlotte’s parents were so nice to take a day off to drive down to Bremen to meet up with us.  We departed Camberley around 8 o’clock in the morning and met up with them around six o’clock.  We would have wanted to spend more time with them but time was of essence so we had to hurry back the next morning.  But we still managed to have a lovely italian dinner in Bremen with them and Max lying flat on the floor wondering what was going on?

After a fairly sleepless night at the hotel due to Charlotte’s caughing and Max’s sleepwalking, we got up early the next morning and Max’s morning walk (where he chased down at least 5 rabbits), a br we were finally on the road again.  Close to Calais things started to look grim, a mile from the UK border, french lorry drivers had decided to protest the proposal of increased pension age (exactly what we needed).  Everyone was stuck and there were cars for miles.  So, me and Max hit the road and walked pass a large group of protestors as well as a team of heavily armed police force.  Still we managed to get Max’s stamps and checks and shortly after reaching the border, Charlotte arrived in the car.

So after all the trouble Mattias and Carina, Elisabeth and Crister and ourselves and not to forget Max have gone through Max is finally here.  Thank you all for the help and assistance that you have given us on the matter.  We are extremely grateful.

 And now Max is here I have a reason to go out for a morning walk again 😉