Great Windsor Park

We were feeling fairly lazy today, Charlotte spent the majority of today studying for her GMAT which is in two weeks while I played Fifa and the new Medal of Honor.  There was no interesting football match on and I was not going to watch re-runs of the game against West Brom.  But in the afternoon we wanted to get out of the house and I googled the national parks.  Turns out that the Windsor national park is only 15 minutes by car and so we jumped quickly into the car.

The place is fantastic, wide open spaces, wide cemented roads that go on forever as well as nicely wooded areas with huge old oak trees, lakes and everything seems to be heavily populated by animals.  The amounts of peasants that I saw was stunning, maybe dad would want to frequent this place for fly tying materials 😉

Max of course loved it and we allowed him to roam around for a little bit without a leash.  No one was nearby and he usually returns fairly quickly to us, when he is called upon (at least most of the time).  We will definitely be back as we all loved it.

2010-10-17 – Windsor, UK – Walk In Windsor Great Park

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