Visit long overdue …

My parents came finally over to London to visit us at the end of October.  We had been looking at potential dates for a visit and in the end they decided to join us for a few days.  After the dates had been set, I sat down and started to make plans for a great night out, and what a night that was!

They arrived around lunchtime on Saturday and we immediately drove to the Woking train station where we caught a train to London, where I had planned for us to see “Love Never Dies”, the followup to the original Phantom of the Opera.  The seats had been booked well in advance, so we had the privilege of enjoying the show from a great viewpoint.  As always the show was fantastic and my parents loved it 😉   The songs are unbelievably good and the show itself is a wonderful combination of a traditional theater/musical and modern technology.  After nurturing mind and soul, we turned our attention to other type of nutrition, food.  Shortly after the show we headed out to Kensington where we visited our favorite restaurant Zuma, and what a place that is.  After one hell of a meal, my father was wondering why they did not do this more often and I would tend to agree if it wasn’t for those hefty bills at the end of each meal 😉

After a good night sleep, it was time to pick up Max.  After heading out to Woking to pick up the car and then headed out to Basingstoke.  On the way back we made two stops, one at a great English country pub called  Longbridge Mill where we had traditional pub lunch and then went for a walk in Windsor Great Park.

On monday we visited Bluewater Mall, where we roamed around the centre trying to find a suitable jacket for my father as well as window shopping.  My father wanted to change his dressing style and after a trip into Massimo Dutti and the Armani Exchange we left without buying anything, so much for that change 😉

After a day out in the stores it was finally time for a nice italian meal accompanied with some of the nice wines we brought back from Italy.  Before the meal me and my father tasted a new UK Christmas Ale, strangely enough called “Santa’s Butt” 😉  The meal was great and afterwards we played a little Yahtzee…

Not much happened on tuesday, we stayed at home, paid a short visit to the Atrium and played a little Yahtzee as well as few games of Angry Birds.  At the end of the day we drove to the airport where we cut through crazy traffic and squeezed between a number of buses. Leaving mom quite stressed and red in the face 😉

All in all a great trip and we can’t wait for them to come back.

2010-10-24 – London, UK – Mom & Dad Visiting

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