Christmas Cottage

After a hell of a trip to Iceland we finally made it roughly on time 😉  I had not even dared to hope that we could make it after BA cancelled all flights on Friday and Saturday to and from Prague where we were snowed in 😉  But after a delayed but uneventful flight to Manchester, train to London and another to Woking and a short taxi ride to Camberley we were finally home and were able to make the flight to Iceland.

As we were spending the weekend in a cottage outside of Reykjavik, we had to prepare everything carefully before heading off.   Mom was of course like a boy scout, with everything ready which I had obviously forgotten and after picking up the kids we headed out to purchase food for the weekend.  Three hours later we were at the cottage which was freezing as the subtemperature was -17 on Celcius.

But we managed somehow and we spent a fantastic weekend with the kids watching Christmas movies, splashing in the Jacuzzi and doing Christmas arts and crafts.

Next time we will all be together in Camberley for a whole week, the plan is then to hold 2nd christmas and of course New Years 😉  What a blast that will be …

2010-12-06 – Reykjavik, IS – Christmas Cottage

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