Surprise trip to Malmö

Few weeks back I decided to book a trip to Malmö couple of weeks before Christmas.  The purpose was to visit Charlotte’s parents and grandma and relax a little bit as we have had a fairly hectic schedule recently.  I had also decided that this would be a surprise trip for my angel who thought that we were going to a completely different location 😉

During december month though, I have been tempted to tell her what I was planning as she was feeling the pressure of buying all the presents for her family beforehand as well as wondering why on earth I wanted to travel 12 days before Christmas and in all fairness she had not been a really happy camper about the whole thing … but luckily I held out, even if it was extremely hard and frustrating.

When she finally realized where she was going on Saturday morning, tears of joy came streaming down her face.  No wrapped gift under the Christmas tree however big and small could have replaced the emotions that Charlotte felt on that moment.  I am not sure what words I would use  describing the look on her face that morning.

Lesson learnt, giving things that have been acquired through hardship makes them very special to give … and that is a good thing to keep in mind, as most of us make the final preparation before Christmas!

PS. Krister, Elisabeth, David and Stina, thank you for a fantastic weekend.  I closed my eyes when I stepped on the scale this morning after all the good food that was consumed over the last couple of days 😉

2010-12-10 – Malmö, SE – Surprise Trip

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