Kristjan’s confirmation

On the last day of Easters, Kristjan Atli went through the rite of the Confirmation.  He had been preparing for this day the whole winter as most of the teenagers do usually during these years.  As always he did extremely well and made the old man proud, I just can´t believe how fast he is growing, its not just that he is taller than most in the family already, its also the fact that he will become fourteen years old this summer …  how time flies!

After a great ceremony where a young but very promising priest told the congregation that the future was the children´s and it certainly looked a whole lot brighter by simply looking at their faces, we headed off to facilities at Reykjavik airport where Kristjan´s confirmation party was being hosted.

At the party we met up with friends and family and had a nice dinner followed with a confirmation cake and coffee.  The party was well organized in every way with Kristjan playing the host and standing in front of everyone telling them about the proceedings.  Kristjan did very well and we are so proud of him.  I could not see me doing the things he did when I was his age, but then again I was certainly not as tall as him 🙂

And what did Kristjan get in confirmation present?  Of course he got a computer just like the old man did at his age, brand new gaming laptop that could not have been more different from the computer that I got 24 years ago.  Although, mine with its monochrome screen and much absent hard drive was able to run most games of that day with a CGI-emulator!!!  Oh, how technology has changed …

The second part of Kristjan´s gift was a trip to Switzerland when he has finished school this spring and all three of us are already looking forward to get him to Nyon in June.

2011-04-25 – Kristjan’s Confirmation

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