The Silver lining …

After suffering for the last 5 days from the worst cold I’ve ever had, things finally started to look up this afternoon.  So, this afternoon we decided to go outside as when it is 24 degrees warm with the sun shining it really doesn´t matter whether you are inside or outside.

So we decided to go for a walk and during the walk we found a very nice bathing place, coupled with a small park and a sand beach 🙂  Max, being the scaredy-cat he is, did not like the water at all, not at first anyways.  He was especially afraid of the waves on the lake, which were formed by the passing boat-traffic, but after a while he adjusted well, but still afraid of the waves when we left 🙂

I am sure he will be fine after a few times though, he really enjoys the water, he is just not used to it 🙂  We finalized the walk by having a nice dinner at a restaurant close-by where we had a nice meal with a couple of glasses of red 🙂

2011-04-30 – Nyon, CH – Beach Life

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