Wonderful weekend in Nyon

Its only beginning of May, but it feels more like summer.  This weekend we have enjoyed fantastic weather with the temperature going close to 30 degrees.  We have certainly tried to enjoy the weather having taken walks for the majority of the weekend.  On Saturday morning we took our regular trip to the market and picked up some bread, fruit and meat for the weekend.

After picking up the necessities, we took a long walk with Max down to the waterfront.  Max has unlike other Golden Retrievers had a swim in lakes, rivers or the ocean.  This race is supposed to love swimming but he has never dared to, so we are now taking baby steps, getting him used to the water.  It is an extremely slow process but he is going a little further into the water each time.

As you can see Charlotte in the picture above, Max really needs to be lured into the water, again which is strange for the race as well he is really hot in this warm weather which should entice him to enter the water.  Oh well, baby steps like I said.  For the afternoon, we watched a couple of films and cooked a good dinner.  We have recently started to watch 50’s-70’s movies with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday being the latest ones.

2011-05-09 – Nyon, CH – Sunny Weekend

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