Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Not again …

This weekend I spent a great weekend with Kristjan, Berglind and Fanney, but on Saturday evening another volcanic eruption started!  This time it was Grimsvotn, which decided to change the travel plans of thousands of people.  This time around the ash was more visible and basically sat as a layer below the cloudline in the sky.  Very scary as you feel that the darkness creeps in …

This of course had an effect on my travel plans as I needed to fly through Berlin, as I was luckily able to change my ticket to the last seat available out of the country.  The second leg was simple from Berlin into Geneva around lunchtime.

Now Grimsvotn needs to calm down so that Kristjan, Berglind and Fanney Birta can go with us on a summer holiday at the end of June :)