A Knight is born …

There was a market in Nyon today with more than 100 different vendors selling everything from used clothes to antiques.  It was fun to go around and have a look at all the different booths and lo and behold at the last booth, I found a real sword!

The sword is a real iron sword, hammered out of iron as you can see on the texture of the sword. It is a little bit rusty, so I have to go and buy a rust remover and some kind of a metal polisher.  It´s quite heavy, fairly blunt as they were and its handle is a weaved out of a metal wire.

Because of the recent news coverage of the manslaughter in Tenerife, people looked at me very suspiciously as I carried the sword back home 🙂  All in all a beautiful day in Nyon with Mont Blanc clearly visible through the day.  Lake Geneva was perfectly still so it was a great day for an outing 🙂