Leaving Redwood Shores

It’s been awhile, I haven’t blogged in ages or almost since I started at EA.  I must say that I missed as I want to keep this up to date with life events and experiences.  So, now I’ve updated the site to WordPress with all its bells and whistles and we’ll make another go at it.

I’ve just come from Redwood Shores, my second visit to EARS and it was pretty good.  Much nicer or “homely” hotel that I stayed at this time which makes all the difference when you are away for a long time.  I stayed close to the office, which basically takes away all commuting time which is nice when you are battling with jet lag.  I even started to run, partially because of my brother’s challenge but also because I would like to get back into shape.

The purpose of the trip was to attend a Digital Summit as a representative of European publishing as well as SWTOR planning meeting.  As the SWTOR meeting was on the following monday, I needed to stay over the weekend which is always a bummer, but the weather was great in the area and I spent it mostly outside.  I just wish my lovely wife could have accommodated me.

On Saturday I met up with an old colleague, Thor(stein) Baldur which I tend to bump into more often these days, he’s the founder of Plain Vanilla and is currently living in San Fransisco with two of his elite programmers, Addi and Joi.  During the day, we actually went to RoboGames 2012 which were in the area, where fighting robots battle it out with bazookas, axes, saws and other interesting methods aimed to destroy and maim its competitors.

In the afternoon, we drove to San Fransisco where they showed me around and introduced me to some of their friends.  The SF area is fantastic for tech interested people, everyone loves tech, has the latest and greatest idea and more often than not they succeed.  It’s unbelievable and a heaven for entrepreneur like Thor(steinn) to practice his trait/s.

Definitely an area I would love to live and work in some day if the right opportunity comes along.  I really loved returning to the US, it always feels a bit like home 🙂

2012-04-24: Redwood Shores

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