Christmas Eve in Camberley

Christmas Eve was over way too quickly. I don’t think we have ever had as relaxing Christmas, there was absolutely no hurry whatsoever and we were ready with all the dinner preparation around 14.00 UK time. Staying true to the Swedish tradition, we watched “Kalle Anka” or Donald Duck over a bowl of rice pudding and in the middle of the show we fell asleep for an hour or so in front of the fireplace, very relaxing. When we woke up though it was time for dinner and as everything was prepared it was fairly easy to warm the red cabbage, potatoes and stick the ham into the oven.

I had made the red cabbage and the beets from scratch and both tasted fantastic, it was so good that I think that I will skip the red current jam, not sugarcoat the potatoes and use the pineapple and bananas solely to decorate the ham next time around. The food was extremely good, but the wine could have been slightly better, we went with an Australian Shiraz, Peter Lehman from 2005 and it was a little bit disappointing. Max loved the food and wanted to have more as you can see from the picture below.
After a fantastic dinner, we opened our Christmas cards, I must say that we probably received more cards now than ever before which is an improvement. We sent out 60 cards and got around 10 back which is still a 6:1 ratio but hopefully people will start to send out more cards, for us Christmas greetings that are emailed just don’t have the sincerity that makes them so special, we missed getting cards from old friends but we will hopefully get some next year.

Now Max was becoming very impatient, so we decided to let him read his Christmas cards and open his gifts which he was very happy about. The squeeky balls, the quacking duck and the slinky’s were a runaway success with him and he was as confused as most children tend to be on Christmas Eve. Now it was Charlotte’s turn who became very impatient and wanted to dig into her presents. I think it would be save to say that we were both ecstatic about our presents, Charlotte got pearl earrings, painting of Max, handbag with photos of Max on as well as a painting of our house at Löjviksvagen which I have been painting for the last few weeks.

I must say that I was quite gobsmacked over my present. We have been talking about travelling more during the next few years and Charlotte gave me a deposit for a trip to Japan … how about that. Japan is one of the many countries that I have always wanted to visit and it seems that sometime during next year I will have that chance 😉 What a great gift!!!

After dinner we watched a bit of TV which didn’t last long as we fell quickly asleep in each other arms at the end of a fantastic day!

2010-12-25 – Camberley, UK – Christmas Eve

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