Christmas Day

Yesterday was again symbolized by extreme relaxation. We slept in and Max didn’t get his morning walk until 9.30 which was unusually late. Breakfast was late both due to the fact that we were completely full from the day before and that we slept in late 😉

We started to prepare for the traditional Swedish Christmas table around 14.00 which always takes a good deal of time but we managed, the only thing that was disappointing was that I tried to make Mayonnaise from ground up but it kept splitting, it was just like the left winged political parties in Iceland, as I managed to blend it together by adding a little bit of hot water but after a little while it split again …. hmmm maybe next year I will have mastered this act.

After a nice long dinner we relaxed a little bit and then walked Max together as the starry night was extremely beautiful. When we returned home we made an effort in watching Citizen Kane which is the number one film ever according to various film critics, only to fall asleep shortly thereafter. Oh well I guess we will finish that one later.

And today I will fly out to Iceland to pick up the kids who are coming to stay with us for a week’s time 😉