Christmas with the kids

Not everyone get the chance to celebrate two Christmas Eves but this year we were so fortunate to have the children with us from the 27th to the 2nd in January. Therefore we decided to allow them to have a second Christmas Eve on the 27th and this one started with a blast.

Around 2 o’clock we were startled because we heard some noise from the top floor, everyone rushed up and lo and behold there was a Santa Claus who had become stuck in the window. Luckily Fanney was around to help him down, as Santa was both scared of heights and afraid of ripping his pants on the window sill. Oh well, everything was fine until Father Christmas wanted both to steal our Christmas dinner and then give it back as presents. I mean who would really want to get a bottle of mustard for Christmas? Santa had a full bag of presents and chocolate but he didn’t seem to think that Fanney, Kristjan and Berglind liked candy, presents or chocolates.

I don’t know where that misunderstanding arose from, maybe from Kristjan who is going to stop to eat candy in 2011. When that misunderstanding was out of the way, the children received various gifts from Santa who then continued merrily on his journey to the rest of the kids around the world. Even Max got few presents after he had shaken Santa’s hand.

Next, I and Fanney cooked up a delicious brew of lobster soup which everyone seemed to enjoy, even if some of us said that they did not like to eat soup of any kind while Lotta, Berglind and Fanney baked a batch of Swedish Saffran Cakes. Max loved staying below Fanney’s feet as usual as she always drops a good deal of edible objects on the floor 😉

Now after all the activities it was time to open the gifts. Everyone was hyperexcited and I think that both the gifts and the reactions were everything but disappointing. Fanney had a real Hello Kitty Christmas where she got an handbag, wallet, keychain, pen and bits and bobs branded by Hello Kitty. She also got a good deal of clothes which Charlotte had picked out for her as well as music related toys, a sing-a-long CD player and an toy guitar which both were greatly appreciated by her.

As Kristjan had not had a single computer game for Christmas, he was really looking forward to dig into his Christmas presents. After opening up a couple it was clear that he had received most of the games that he had put on his Christmas wish list. Santa had obviously been listening intently. It did not take him long to fire up his DS and start playing the game that he had been talking about almost non-stop for the last three years, Golden Sun 3.

And then it was Berglind’s turn, her list had not been long, but very specific and as she had been very good (for the most parts at least) she also got what she had wished for a new mobile and concert tickets to her current idol, Justin Bieber … and the reaction? I let you be the judge …

2010-12-27 – Camberley, UK – Second Christmas Eve

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