Dragon Boat racing with EA

There was little rest to be had during the weekend as after dinner with Per and Annette on Saturday night I woke up at 7 o´clock to drive to Lac Jeux to participate in the Dragon Boat racing with my EA colleagues.  The Dragon Boat racing is an annual event which EA has participated in for the last 4 or 5 years.  It is a great team building exercise, where the team participates in a paddling competition in a … wait for it … a Dragon Boat, hence the name.

The key to success in the Dragon Boat competition is synchronization as all the paddlers have to sync their paddling in a near perfect rhythm to stay ahead of the rest of the competing boats.  The weather was anything but favorable as it was raining cats and dogs.  Our saving grace was our tent as well as all the food which everyone brought along.  Special thanks to Hansjoerg who brought German breakfast along, bratwurst, hardboiled eggs, pretzels, sweet mustard and Weissbier.  The team was great this year and together we went from 1:43 to 1:34 in 3 rounds, which landed us the third place in the competition … and we even got a trophy and medals 🙂

2011-09-04 – Lac Jeux,CH – Dragonboat Racing

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