Be careful what you wish for …

… because it might not be what you really want. Almost a decade ago these wise words were spoken to me during a casual conversation and they have lived with me ever since. This simple, yet powerful statement has popped into my mind on a regular basis when changes have been going on in my career or personal life.

We do not take enough time to think about other people’s lives and jobs, or try to put ourselves into their situation. Instead we are too judgmental of others and usually base our judgment on limited set of input or data.

There are few professional and personal events that have triggered these thoughts recently and I’m for the first time in years wondering if I have my priorities wrong?

I have also given serious thought to what makes me content, positive, happy and if I am spending enough time on these things. More importantly what things am I not doing which tick the same boxes?

More than a decade ago I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wanted to build things, develop people and design products and services to help and give joy to other people.

True, I am doing many of these things today, but there simply seems to be something currently missing. And I do surely hope that I can find that missing piece before too long.