Young at heart!

Many of you have teased me about the fact that I’ve been expecting a fourth child in my early forties.  Most of my colleagues have closed the door on having more children, some are trying to conceive and others haven’t even started yet.  And I must admit that I have had my doubts, as we had tried for many years, with and without the help of modern science.  I simply thought it wasn’t to be.  But then this miracle happened, and I call it what it is, a Miracle!

Our thoughts were even in the camp of early retirement and a property in either Spain or Italy to follow our passion for wines, food and acriculturism (still is, just to be clear).  But I have to say that our newborn son, Gabriel has opened a whole new world.  As many of us, get younger wives, buy motorcycles or expensive sport cars … we had a son, and to tell you frankly (speaking for myself) I have not felt younger in years.

I can’t wait to get involved … I know we’ll get on amazingly … and the best thing, I will definitely be going to MUFC games and playing computer games with him until well past my sixties 🙂