New Years Eve

This year we had yet another fantastic New Years Eve, this time at home. Berglind had been afraid that the night would be completely different than in Iceland, that she would miss “Áramótaskaupið” the Icelandic Annual New Years Comedy Show and it would not be any fun. We had therefore prepared ourselves well, not only with fun things to do but also bought fireworks which would have made any Firework Display Specialist proud.

The cooking preparation as well as the cooking itself took 5 hours in itself but during the time, me and Kristjan finished Halo ODST but we had finished Halo Reach a couple of day earlier, while the girls watched Gossip Girl.

So when the girls and Kristjan had changed it was time for a serious meal, Berglind had prepared the appetizer which was delicious and shortly thereafter the turkey was revealed and what a meal it was 😉 Max got a few bones and was extremely happy with his share …

After a wonderful meal and some ice cream it was time for some Xbox, we played Dance Central, and Kinect Sports. I think I beat the lot at Dance Central (maybe I should try a new career 😉 But New Years was almost upon us, so we rushed into the living room, popped the cork out of the Champagne and went outside to shoot up serious fireworks.
I had bought some serious fireworks this year and I think I can safely say that this was the first, best and the last fireworks display in the town of Camberley. Not saying too much, but I think that Bryan Adams got it right with the name of one of his CD, “Waking up the neighbors” 😉

After a great fireworks show we watched the London Eye Fireworks show on TV which was ok, compared to the show we had put on 😉 To finish up a fantastic night we played Actionary, Singstar and some Move Party Games …. brilliant night and everyone went completely beat to bed 😉

2010-12-31 – Camberley, UK – New Years Eve

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