Gabriel Alexander

Today, the 13th of May 2015, our son Gabriel Alexander was born in the Zodiak sign of the Taurus.   According to various Internet resources, the positive sides of the Taurus are to be  dependable, persistent, loyal, patient and generous (right up our alley).  The negatives on the other side are, stubborn, laziness, possessive, materialistic and self-indulging.  As we are all stubborn and possessive then I don’t really see an issue with that.  Most of today’s generation is materialistic and self-indulging, so no issues there.  What I feel will be the challenge is the laziness, no one in my family or Charlotte’s family has been lazy, so I guess we have something to work on (especially in the teenage years)

Gabriel was born at the Clinique Grangettes in Geneva and weighed 3.4 kg and was born 51 cm long.  As most of you know the name Gabriel is the name of one of gods Archangel, with Alexander being both religious and a powerful name.  Alexander actually means “defender of men”.  We both felt that we wanted an international name which would not be difficult to pronounce in any language and we’ve both had strong affinities for these names.

Both mother and son are in top shape after the Cicerian, but Charlotte is still a bit sore and needs few more days to recover from the operation.  I will stay with them at Grangettes over the next couple of days, with us returning home on Monday.  Till later …