Too short as usual, but lots of fun …

I can’t believe that they are gone already, it seems like they came yesterday. Kristjan and Berglind landed on Friday night at Heathrow for a short visit and to escape the snow in Iceland 😉 Berglind had got tickets to the Justin Bieber concerts which was the main reason for the visit. As usual we had a blast together.

When the kids landed on Friday we went out for a pizza as we were waiting for Charlotte to come home from Geneva (where she was house hunting). Max was overjoyed when he saw the kids and Berglind ended up cuddling with him in the sofa for the remainder of the night. I had picked up the “Back to the future trilogy” which we watched during our stay, starting on friday night.

On Saturday we had an exciting day going into Windsor park with Max and having afternoon tea at the Crooked House in Windsor 😉 As usual we went all in ordering Prince and Princess tea menus which took the highway route into most of our stomachs after the long walk in the park. We are sure that afternoon tea, tea sandwiches and scones with clotted cream are now high on Kristjan’s and Berglind’s favorite list. Later that night we had a fantastic dinner and watched the second film of “Back to the future”

Sunday was a shopping day for the girls who went into London while I and Kristjan played Borderlands together on the Xbox 360. So, fairly boring day for both, NOT!

The following day Kristjan and myself woke up at 6 o’clock to go to the EA offices in Guildford where Kristjan had the chance of both visiting my workplace and meet up with Harvey, the studio director of Brightlight studios. I am not sure which one he liked better;) but Harvey let him play the final Harry Potter game which is still in full development. After playing for 45 minutes Kristjan was sure that the game would be a bestseller and afterwards we toured the studio. If that was not enough, Kristjan had the chance of meeting one of the actors from Harry Potter, Matthew Lewis which was working on a voice-over for the game. Afterwards we shopped a little bit and then headed home.

Meanwhile the girls were preparing for the Justin Bieber concerts, fixing their nails, hair, clothes, make-up etc. When we returned to Camberley from Guildford we picked them up and drove home where we had lunch. Now it was Bieber time and the girls were extremely excited to head out to the concert so off they went while myself and Kristjan spent the evening watching “Pirates of Silicon Valley” as well as playing few Fifa games 😉

The girls enjoyed the concerts as they were amongst thousands of screaming Bieber fans whom all sang-along his newest hits, yes Berglind as well. To say the least they were ecstatic when they came home 😉

Then the visit was over 🙁 Hopefully they can stay longer next time around as they were sorely missed by everyone ….


2011-03-13 – Camberley, UK – Short, But Fun …

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