What a beautiful day!

Today was great, actually we woke up pretty early given the fact that we’d both been having a night out, Charlotte at Annette’s Bachelorette party and I playing Fifa and watching the Championship League final with Claes and Koray.  Both events had been fairly good although, Charlotte’s ended fairly badly as one of the group was robbed right in front of them.

The weather was great today, fairly cloudy to begin with but cleared up during the day.  We spent the majority of the day outside and took Max for a walk in the area above St Cerque.  Upon returning home we fired up the barbecue, opened up the pool and had rotisserie chicken for dinner.  I’ll put in the recipe for the chicken in the next day or two as you simply must try it out.  I hope you’ve tried out the salmon and the pineapple as many of our friends already have.