Trip to Budapest

Last Easter I found, to my surprise a trip to Budapest rather than the usual chocolate that comes in my Easter egg.  I don’t know if that was a subtle hint from my wife that I needed to work on my waistline, but it was a welcome surprise as the city has been on our list to visit.

The trip was a great one, we visited 2 out of the top 3 restaurants in the city (according to trip advisor). Comme Chez Soi and Borkonyha Winekitchen.  The experiences were completely different with the latter being a great wine bar, first and foremost with great food prepared in an immaculate modern way, whereas the former was a small family run place with great atmosphere.  Both good, but in a completely different way.  The family restaurant was great, been around forever and Roberto the owner knows how to take care of his guests.  There is no chance … no chance that you will go hungry from his restaurant, and I personally feel that I’m still digesting the last of one of the larger meals I’ve ever had.  The funny thing is that we only ordered a part of what was brought to the table, the rest was all sent to us complimentary by the chef …. unbelievable 🙂

As we only spent one whole day in the city, we made sure that we used that for the usual sightseeing, the city bears the mark of conflict between religions as it was taken over by Muslims in the middle of the century.  Many of its churches were converted to mosques which is a style which is probably difficult to find in all Europe.  The central city is beautiful and well maintained.  Around three o’clock in the second day, we ventured into a former monestary which is found few floors below the Hilton Hotel.  An entrepreneurial couple have a small venture there, where they have daily wine tastings.  Of course we did not need any convincing as Hungary is famous for its wines, although they are hard to be found outside of Hungary due to minimal exports.  All the wines (all nine of them) were fantastic, and we came out of there with three bottles of rose and a nice white which were both unusual in taste, texture and flavor.  I would highly recommend the wine tasting in Faust Wine Cellar if you are planning to visit the city.

The weather during the trip was so and so, with fantastic weather on the last day (typical).  We used the opportunity to enjoy a great lunch in the sun before heading out to the airport.

Thanks my love for a great trip, can’t wait for the next one.

2012-05-18 – Budapest,HU – Weekend Trip With My Love

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