Bid submitted …

Today we made an offer on the house which I discussed here couple of days ago, if everything goes through then the downside is that we won’t get the house until September, then on the other hand we might get the house in June, so who knows what will be the real case. The sellers accepted the offer so we keep our fingers still crossed until we have signature on the purchase agreement and then maybe we stop knocking on or touching any wood that we come across. The sellers, the realtor and our bank contact person probably haven´t got the faintest why we are so stressed about getting our ducks in order asap. Then again, its not them who are relocating 🙂

This is a really stressful period, I think though that we crossed the majority of the to-do list today and tomorrow we’ll cross out few more items. As exciting this is, it is really difficult to go through this phase, having done it few times doesn´t really help, each relocation and move is different and you need to learn and respect each countries rules, regulations, methods and culture. Good experience though, I am sure we’ll look back one day and laugh at the whole thing 🙂