Charlotte’s parents visiting Switzerland for the first time

Last Wednesday Charlotte’s parents, Krister and Elisabeth came to visit us, they seemed to have timed their trip well as the Thursday and Friday were the best two days that we’ve had all summer. During these we managed to enjoy great dinners outside in the evenings but during the weekend it became a bit cooler (isn’t that just typical).

Max was happy as he loves having guests over and especially his grandparents as they allow him pretty much anything 🙂  We spent the weekend in Annecy and Divonne where we enjoyed walking around these french cities, the weather could have been a bit better and strangely it rained heavily in Annecy for a couple of minutes soaking both Krister and Charlotte.  I have never seen anything like it.

On Saturday we had a pizza party, this is something we’ll definitely repeat as its so simple but a lot of fun, just make or buy plenty of dough.  Preheat your pizza stone and prepare plenty of toppings.  Everyone can then make their own pizzas based on their tastes.  Fantastic activity for families and friends, and of course the pizza everyone makes is the best in the world 😉

We made a quick trip to the market on Sunday, buying some fish and white wine which we had for dinner.  In the afternoon I watched the last round of the premiership which ended as expected, but it was an unbelievable round with City beating 10 man QPR by scoring two goals in the last two minutes of the game, you could not have written the script 🙁

2012-05-13 – Arzier,CH – Charlotte’s Parents Visiting

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