Driving to UK

After driving around 2.000km we finally arrived at Heathrow.  The trip took us around 25 hours as we slept for approx. four hours in Rodby, close to the German border.  The trip was actually very good, fortunately we did not get into any traffic jams, the only places where the traffic was slow was through road constructions upon entering Germany.  Through half of Germany we got a telephone call from the Real Estate agent telling us that the developer was willing to drop the price on the property that we were thinking about buying.  Great news and we probably would have toasted in Champagne, but as we were driving we felt that it was a bad idea.  We drove through a total of 7 countries as to reach UK from Sweden, you have to drive through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and finally UK.

It was with a sense of pride when we arrived at Heathrow, overjoyed with what we had achieved when we had a second phone call, this one brought down our good mood down a notch as we were informed that the CEO of GAME, Lisa Morgan had decided to step down which brought things into a whole new perspective, but more about that later.