Manic Monday

Waking up with a guilty conscience is never good, especially on a monday morning, after delaying our Gym debut, we sure made up for it today with two sessions.  Swimming this morning at 6.30 and a mini after work training session where we were guided through all the Gym Equipment.  It is strange to admit it, but I kind of look forward to our Gym sessions.  It will surely be different as we are not aiming to lose a lot of weight, more about toning and general exercise.  For the next two days we plan to take general exercises and on thursday we plan a badminton session. I am sure that we will feel exhausted during the next few days, but it is a fresh challenge.

Today at the office was manic and I think I had booked over 6 meetings, tomorrow is slightly less busy but I have the feeling that it will fill up quite quickly.  Jonas, Rikard and Pamela are coming across tomorrow as well so I am sure that we will have a couple of beers and share a couple of laughs with them tomorrow night.