Small step for …

On Wednesday we signed the mortgage papers for the new property, now whether that means that we will finally move in is another question as there are several additional steps that will be taken.  Additionally, we are so happy with the apartment that we are currently staying in that we keep on asking ourselves whether we need such a big property 😉   We are currently in walking distance from everything, shops, restaurants, the gym and most importantly the bars (just kidding), which is fantastic.

We have been at the gym 4 times this week, which is like a world record for me … and we are going swimming tomorrow morning!  We have also bought a new scale which is simply fantastic.  You simply weigh yourself in the morning and the scale transmits your weight over the wi-fi signal to the website of your choice, facebook, twitter or its own platform where you can check out your weight curve, fat mass etc.  Check it out the website is

It has been very busy at work this week, we both feel completely exhausted when we come home (it has probably something to do with the early morning gym sessions as well).  Its very busy at work at the moment and it takes a lot out of you speaking english throughout the day, remembering all the new faces and people you meet and trying to figure out what people do and how they relate.  At the same time this is all very exciting and we are both optimistic about all the opportunities that lay ahead of us 😉