Booking made

I know we are fairly busy these days but we managed to take few moments to book a holiday with the kids this summer.  The summer destination this year is not Japan as planned, not Libya either but Greece, more specific Creta.  We are very happy with the choice after thinking long and hard about Italy as well as potentially California.  But as we are taking all the kids with us we decided that this made more sense.  We will be staying at the TUI´s Blue Village hotel in a similar fashion to last two years.  I am sure Berglind will want to be all singing and dancing, while Kristjan will be living in the pool and Fanney will probably be utterly surprised about the whole thing as well as meeting Bamse and his friends for the first time.

We will fly out at the end of June and coming back around middle of July through Copenhagen, with the kids flying out of Iceland into Copenhagen.  Max will be with his grandpa and grandma who are coming to Switzerland to be with him and relax in Geneva 😉  I am sure they will have a blast together walking around the countryside and driving into Germany, Italy or France.

Looking forward to it already 😉