Birthday party in Iceland

We had planned to spend last weekend in Iceland, that was at least the plan until I got an text message on Friday morning saying “Forgot my pass!!!”.  I don’t know about all of you but at that moment I realized that I would probably have to go to Iceland myself without my angel, so I put down the phone and continued my meeting with James Robinson at EA.  Later on James realized that my mind was racing and asked whether I did not agree with what he was saying, but I cleared up that misunderstanding quickly and explained the situation 🙂  Well probably couple of speed tickets and throwing out her cosmetics, Charlotte actually made the flight with 7 minutes to spare … maybe she had a time for a cup of coffee after all when she ran across the terminal 🙂

So, in the afternoon and 3 bottles of red wine later (as Charlotte needed to calm down) we actually were both on the same plane and landed safely and sound in Keflavik.  The kids were feeling under the weather with Berglind having pollen allergy and Fanney Birta having one of her infamous ear infections.  Kristjan was good though and was playing his card games in Nexus (the only Icelandic comic book store).  We picked up pizzas and had an easy night in.

On Saturday we celebrated the girls birthdays, Fanney’s 5th and Berglind’s 13th, both growing older way too fast with Berglind hitting her teens (Boys, stay away!).  A colleague of mine who was worried about his daughter hitting the teenage years asked me if it just wasn’t enough to shoot the first one and then the suitors would quickly disperse.  I decided not to comment 🙂

As the weather was great we decided to barbecue Icelandic hot dogs with chocolate cake for dessert.  Everyone seemed to enjoy this outing so much that we decided to cancel our restaurant plan and in the evening I followed up with a Teriyaki marinated salmon which vanished off the table in a record time.  The girls were spoiled with presents, with Berglind getting a bunch of summer clothing and Dr Dre’s and Fanney got a new bike as you can see in the picture above.

Everyone seemed to be happy after a great weekend, except for me who saw United’s title chance almost blown to smithereens, oh well there is always next year …

2012-05-05 – Reykjavik, IS – Birthday Party For The Girls

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