MUFC season so far!

Tomorrow is the final round of the Premiership this season and I must say that even though I tipped Chelsea to take the title this year, then I am disappointed with the situation we are in.  We have had so many chances to take the title this year, the draw against Blackburn recently, the loss against Chelsea at Old Trafford, not to mention the loss against Burnley in the beginning of the season.  All of these points count for much when we look at our league position this year.  The high points of the season have definitely been the coming of age of Rooney, Valencia, Fletcher and Nani.  I think personally that these players have carried the team, specially the partnership of Rooney and Valencia which has been critical. We have to remember that we lost the best player in the world last season to Madrid and I feel that the boys have done fairly well considering that fact.  I really would like to see Fergie dip into his transfer funds (that is if he has any) and buy us a world class goalkeeper, centreback, right back, midfielder and a world class striker.  We need cover for players who are getting too old to carry the team forward because of frequent injuries or age.  Covers for Ferdinard, Neville, Scholes/Giggs are desperately needed and another 25 goal striker is simply a must.

The youth policy of the club is important and that must be carried on forward but we also need players who can carry us through the most important matches of the season.  The game against Bayern both away and at home, needed such a player, a strong leader.  There is no Beckham, Robson, Cantona, Bruce, Keane, Schmeichel in the team at the moment.  And these players have always carried an important role in United’s history.  In terms of potential targets then Buffon and Benzema are given, but the midfielder our future leader is a more difficult one, which one could fulfill such a role?

Anyways, tomorrow we have a slim chance of nicking the Premier League title and I am definitely going to join my fellow reds in the match against Stoke.  I expect a great match and I think we could beat them 4-0 tomorrow.  Our neighbors have a slim chance in London, there is a rainy forecast in London tomorrow whereas there will be a sun in Manchester.  Wigan is used to play in the rain, they come from the north where it rains 250 days a year and I am sure that they will enjoy themselves in the spotlight of the media for once.  Remember they beat Chelsea at home 3-1 and also Arsenal not long ago 3-2.

Well, I need to go to sleep soon to be fresh at 6.00 tomorrow morning as we need to take the train early to Manchester ….. Come on you Reds!!!