MUFC vs. Stoke

Today was a good day, even though United did not take the Premiership title.  As the train schedule was we woke up early or around 6 o’clock, we headed down to the Basingstoke train station where we took a train up to Waterloo in London.  After a short taxi ride to Euston and frantical search for unreserved seats on the train we were soon our way to good old Manchester.  The trip seemed to go quick as we spent the train ride watching a movie on our iPad and gulping down few beers to get into the right mood 🙂

As we were early in Manchester we took time to take in the sights, the atmosphere and sort out the tickets as Charlotte had forgotten her Man United Membership certificate in Sweden 😮  Fortunately everything was sorted out rather quickly and I even managed to get on the season ticket waiting list for next season …. but I don’t think we will go for that as we don’t want days like this to turn into an obligation rather than once in a while luxury.  Even though Charlotte’s love for football just about supersedes her love for washing and cleaning 😉  After taking in the atmosphere and a late lunch we sat down at the stadium an hour before kick off.  I like to see the players train and it is always nice to sit there when they greet the fans.

The match itself was a good one 4-0 for United but during the players became more unmotivated as the game went on.  The reason being the Stoke fans who cheered for every Chelsea goal (and Chelsea scored eight, to cement their place at the top).  The United fans were fairly subdued due to the same fact and were probably disrupted as well in terms of the protests against the Glazers.  I feel that a new ownership of the club is not necessarily the solution, it is more about the ownership structure rather than anything else.

It was a tired couple arriving home around 10 in the evening and we fell asleep almost instantly …

2010-05-09 – MUFC Vs Stoke

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