Contract Exchanged!

We have finally exchanged contracts on the house and will finalize the purchase on the 30th of June.  Therefore if you want to come to visit, anytime after that date should be fine.  If anyone wants to help us to move on the 30th then there will definitely be a trip to the pub afterwards 🙂

This has been a long journey which started at the end of February when we started to look at UK properties, after our initial trips we were skeptical of the housing on the market but after a late online session Charlotte found a new development in Camberley which looked extremely good on paper.  The day after I had a look at the property and really liked what I saw.  We initially were going to buy the show home but later on decided against that.

Next month we will sign a rental agreement in terms of Löjviksvägen and load our things into a container before we head out to a two weeks holiday and upon our return we will move into the new house.  I can’t wait until we get this done and dusted and start to get all of our things in place … and guess what I will finally get a gaming room 😉