That’s all folks

What a week.  Today I left GAME after precisely 5 years of service and what a ride it has been.  It seems like yesterday when I grabbed a plane to Stockholm and visited the Scandinavian head office for the first time.  Morale was at all time low, disintegrated team, lack of guidance and leadership … get the picture?  Yes, and the business was losing over 24m SEK.  After tough, but fruitful three years the picture looked massively different as we all pulled together and created one of the most successful retail team in Europe, and the GAME enjoyed much longed success in Scandinavia.   Apart from the financials, we also took unprecedented initiatives with one of a kind conferences where we celebrated our hard earned success, created new innovative catalogues much to the envy of the competition and earned our place in history amongst the greats as the best gaming specialist retailer in Sweden in 2010.  But this would not mean a thing without the fantastic people that are in GAME Scandinavia, from all the great store personnel, the ever partying store managers and the head office family, if there were words to describe you guys, then I would put them on paper.

But lets not forget our Czech colleagues, in 18 months, I have enjoyed similar success with the Czech team.  Slavomir, Katerina, Marketa, Ota, I will never forget you guys.  What a fantastic work you have done in terms of rebranding, remerchandising and teambuilding of the JRC chain.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you all the best for the future.

Well, that’s all folks!  I really hope that you will enjoy coming to your first UK conference, I will miss the conference days as these were always the highlight of the year for me.  I know you will have a fantastic time and I hope that you will stun everyone this Christmas with an exceptional performance, you deserve nothing less.

Over and Out!