Returning to the tombs

Lara Croft is at it once again in Guardian of Light which is solely available through XBL and PSN as a digital download.  But this time around the designers have given Lara a new lease of life by giving this series more of a arcade look and feel, I even felt that I had entered Diablo again as the view and the graphics are very similar to the Blizzard series.

The game is short as most of the XBL Arcade games and contains 200 Achievement points.  The history is fairly shallow, in essence there is this evil demigod which has awakened and is out to destroy the world.  To the rescue comes Lara who partners up with, an Aztec warrior named Totec and together they try to stop the master of all evils.  I told you it was shallow.

Anyway, the game is actually very enjoyable and well worth the 1200 points on XBL.  It is a co-op game where you and your mate/friend/partner have to sort out different kind of puzzles to progress through the game.  I would recommend it, but as I said its fairly short, but should give you at least 5 hours of enjoyment.