Who is your all-time favorite gaming character?

Having played computer games for the better part of my life, I wondered today who was essential my favorite gaming character.  During my teenage years I completely missed the earliest consoles and jumped straight to the PC genre.  I never had a PS1, never played specially much on PS2 and it wasn´t until the Xbox I really started to play the console games.  Why is that important, well therefore I don’t have any preferences to console related characters like Mario, Zelda, Kratos, Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, Sly or their partners in crime.

So who are the most memorable characters that I have played?  I must say after looking at the list, I am probably all for the dark and mysterious.  So here is the list, please comment and pass on your favorites.

Gabriel Knight

It is astonishing to me that this mysterious writer/detective/vampire hunter has not made a console comeback.  Created by Jane Jensen who wrote and produced couple of quality adventure games for Sierra Online in the 80’s.  The theme music for the first game was unbelievably great and can be found on the following fan page.

Altair / Ezio (Assassins Creed)

There are only a handful of games that I would like to play over again and both of the Assassins Creed games fall into that category.  The assassins are both fantastic and are well shaped in terms of character building.  AC1 seems a little bit outdated after playing AC2 through for the second time but they are both still classic and I think that Ezio edges it when it comes to choose between the two.

Sam Fisher

To leave old Sam out of the list would be an offence.  This veteran has been around since the first Xbox came to market and his temper seems to degrade every time a new game is brought to market.  Great all around war/espionage veteran who you would hesitate to bring home for tea and scones.

But enough about me, what about you guys and girls, who is your favorite?