Assassin’s Creed complete!

I became so inspired of my own article yesterday that I turned on my Xbox early this morning to finish Assassins Creed II.  Ezio did not disappoint, together we pushed the opposition out of the way and finished the game in record time with 930 achievement points out of 1000.

For those of you who havent played the game, you play the role of a young assassin named Ezio, he comes from a noble family with his father being one of the most respected banker in Italy.  As so often, disaster strikes and Ezio finds himself in a rather precarious situation.  The game’s setting is beautiful and you are able to walk through two famous italian cities, Florence and Venice.  If that was not enough throughout the game you are able to communicate and socialize with one of history’s most famous inventor, none other than Leonardo Da Vinci 😉

Everything about the game is mindblowing, graphics, sounds, controls, you simply find yourself in Italy in the middle ages, and the only thing that is missing is the smell and the wind blowing through your hair.

The UBIsoft Team in Montreal has done wonders, historical references are top notch and they keep you interested throughout the game.   The only time I felt that they lost the plot a little bit was at the end where they go a little bit too far, but you have to make your own call what you think about that.

I am wondering whether I should play through the DLC´s.  UBIsoft has left out several chapters 12 and 13 which are downloadable as a DLC, I suspect that I will let Assassins wait on the shelf for a while only to pick up the DLC´s right before release.  The game is very addictive and fun to play and I would highly recommend it to any decent gamer.

At Gamescom Ezio and Altair were walking through the showfloor in full outfit, I must say that I got the chills when they passed me … because I know what they are capable of 🙂