Putting things into perspective

Yesterday we were invited to a house warming party across the road where we met some of our new neighbours for the first time in a social setting.  The event had been very well organized and there were probably around 70-80 guests in addition to the neighbourhood.  Unlimited drinks and delicious hors’ dourves were served and amongst other things there was some Scottish dancing for those who felt light on their feet, so hell of a party.  Anyway, one of our neighbours, Chris (40) was the life of the party and put a smile on everyone’s face that night.  Very amusing fellow who shares my passion for IT and gaming amongst other things.

During one of our conversations with him during the night the question was brought up why he lived alone in such a huge house and whether he was living up some sort of a bachelor dream?  He quit smiling for a while and explained to us the reason why he had moved, his wife had passed away after a short battle with cancer last year and he simply had to get away from the place(s) that reminded him of her … pretty tragic.  For me that kind of put everything into context, whenever you face a challenge or a minor setback, there is always people in this world who are fighting much bigger battles than yourself.