Game of Thrones

I know, I know, I am really really behind on this one, but those of you who find yourself in similar position should definitely check out The Game on Thrones which was released few weeks back on DVD/Bluray.  Its one of these TV Series you just have to see.  Politics, Backstabbing, Fighting, Sex, Corruption, Friendship …


Cloud hanging over United fans

I must say that the defeat against City last night was hard to take, but I guess it comes with the territory. If City win the league its because United lost it, against Blackburn, Wigan, Everton … Do I need to go on?


Paleo 2012

It’s remarkable how many musicians come to Switzerland during the year and the concerts that they play at are always of a moderate size.   At this year’s Paleo festival the lineup is again remarkable with a good blend of newcomers as well as couple of old timers. What stands out though for myself is …

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett here we come

We’ve decided to go to the Montreux Jazz festival in July to see Tony Bennett.   He’s one of the last Crooners and it would be shame let him pass through Switzerland without seeing this old timer. We’re looking a lot forward to this, Bob Dylan will also be playing but we’ll watch the Steve …


Big Bang Theory

Recently I started to watch TV series that have been going on for a while called “The Big Bang Theory”. The series are about 4 nerds along with their neighbour, a typical Californian girl called Penny. The show is full of massive tech, entertainment, gaming, film and tv humor.  I’ve really enjoyed the show and …