Stacks of books

Books for Christmas?

I loved to get books for Christmas when I was younger but some people just don’t get it, not everyone wants books for Christmas 😉

Christmas Cookies for Max

Christmas Cookies…. for Max

Max loves to stay around us in the kitchen, but not doing anything useful.  He knows that when we are cooking we might slip him something to eat every once in while and as an added bonus anything that falls on the floor by accident is quickly picked up by our loyal sidekick.  Today was …

Moon Eclipse

Moon Eclipse

This morning there was fascinating natural phenomenon on display by mother nature, Moon Eclipse. The eclipse was on display early this morning and as you can see from the time-lapsed picture (taken by my friend Matthias Asgeirsson) was quite astonishing. Most of you were probably too busy too notice, it just shows you that you …

Christmas with the Rat Pack

Christmas with the Rat Pack

We made it! Fortunately it had stopped to snow on Sunday, so we managed to take a train into London. We started off in Ascot, as there were few roughly 20 minutes until the train’s departure we managed to jump into the next bar to have a glass of mulled wine before heading off. The …

Gingerbread Cookies

Cozy saturday morning

We woke up early this morning to a beautiful snowfall, I guess it will be white Christmas after all! Charlotte now feels that she is in Sweden and seems very happy with the fact that everything is basically going under in snow … I took Max out for his morning walk and he didn’t seem …

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Snow update

Oh boy, just as I though everything is just going under a blanket of snow, the next few days will undoubtedly be very interesting.  How will the Brits manage this challenge, I am personally not optimistic!!!

Charlotte decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas decoration

What a surprise, Charlotte tried to come home early from work today. I must say that I am shocked, for the last few years this is the first time she tries to do something like that, unfortunately the traffic due to the snowstorm put a dent in her plans but I appreciated and loved the …

Snowed in?

Snowed in

What a weather forecast, definitely not optimal for globetrotters like myself… More than 30cm of snow today across UK with winds going up to 60mph. To top the whole thing off everything will come to standstill with all means of transportation coming to a standstill. As I am going to Iceland on the 26th to …

The Ratpack

Crooner’s Christmas

As some of you know I really like the old classical crooner/swing music, I don’t know what it is but this whole period fascinates me. Three favorites of mine formed an trio in 1960’s called the Ratpack which consisted of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and the Frank Sinatra. Last year Charlotte and myself saw …