Mint the cleaning robot

A cleaning robot?

It would not surprise me if this would become the-must-buy for those with hardwood floors, the picture above is a long-exposure photo of Evolution Robotics’ Mint cleaning robot in action overnight.  As you can see the robot is fairly precise in cleaning every single piece of the floor?  As you know we have used a …


Subscribe to Jamie

If you are interested in cooking, you could do worse than subscribe to Jamie Oliver’s channel on Youtube.  Fantastic videos from this charismatic chef, these can be found by clicking here.

Miniature New York

Different View of my favorite city

What an astonishing video!  The video below was shown at the Prix Arts Electronica where it was awarded for its distinction.  I find it hard to believe that this is not a miniature model of my all time favorite city, New York.  Enjoy!  

Our second herb garden

Our 2nd herb garden

As I have started to cook a lot of Italian recently, then I decided that to build an indoor herb garden,  instead of buying new batches of herbs every week.  I also added few roses in between to complete the space, as well as some multicolored candlelights hanging from the ceiling.   The herbs were …

Crazy gang!

What a crazy night …

Things go rarely as planned   After GAME’s conference on friday, we were fortunate to have a few friends over.  First came Einar and David to Camberley where we had a fantastic mexican lunch at Chiquito.  We had a lot to catch up on and after few beers we ended up home, playing PS3 move.  …

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

For those of you who haven’t seen the latest trailer from this legendary upcoming game, enjoy!  What a blockbuster title this will be!


Snabb Foppa!

It took my best man, Mattias only 90 seconds to finish his first beer when we met up in London.  I had booked Goucho, an Argentinian restaurant located just off Piccadilly for the occation.  Funnily enough few moments earlier I had met up with Thorsteinn Baldur, who I haven’t met for over 5 years.  It …

Adolf at Old Trafford

Berbatov’s Show!

After breakfast on Saturday afternoon we jumped into our car and drove to Manchester.  The purpose of the trip was to see the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool.  The rivalry between the clubs is intense and largely unrivaled in the world of football.  I have only once had the joy of going to …

Who else but Rooney!

FIFA 11 vs PES 11

EA has done it!  Just as United beat Roma in the Championship League 7-1 couple of years back, EA wipes the floor with Konami once again and this year it is extremely bad.  Don’t get me wrong PES is better than last year in presentation, simplicity and focus, but the game is miles away from …

Siggi P, none other

Old friends are gold :)

I don’t remember having lunch with my old Icelandic friend Sigurður Pétursson since 1992.  Therefore we thought it would be a good idea for us to meet up with London when Siggi came to UK for his birthday.  I am just realizing now that I did not get him anything, but I took him to …