Smile :)

Interesting fact, Vevey in Switzerland became the village where the great Charlie Chaplin decided to settle down with his wife after being denied entry into the US (due to McCarthyism).  Living in Switzerland had a positive effect on the great actor, director and filmmaker who had four children, all born in Switzerland.  They are both buried …

Gabriel Red Devil

Yes, this happened!

Yes, only three days old, but now not only a member no. 4142221 of the United Supporter’s club but also wearing the outfit of the mighty reds … can’t wait for us to start to watch the games together  


It’s quite remarkable …

… only two days old, has already shown us the finger (see my post from 13/5) and now showing his mom his “I’m very upset” face as she’s kickstarting the feeding process (which takes 3-4 days).  Priceless


Young at heart!

Many of you have teased me about the fact that I’ve been expecting a fourth child in my early forties.  Most of my colleagues have closed the door on having more children, some are trying to conceive and others haven’t even started yet.  And I must admit that I have had my doubts, as we had …

Gabriel Alexander

Gabriel Alexander

Today, the 13th of May 2015, our son Gabriel Alexander was born in the Zodiak sign of the Taurus.   According to various Internet resources, the positive sides of the Taurus are to be  dependable, persistent, loyal, patient and generous (right up our alley).  The negatives on the other side are, stubborn, laziness, possessive, materialistic and …