Open Cellar Weekend in Vaud

Have you ever seen Swiss wines on shelves in your local super markets or wine stores?  Does that mean that Swiss wines are not good? The answer to both of these questions is a negative one.  Their wines are wonderful, especially the white’s and the rose’s.  They simply do not export them as they are …


Barbecued Pineapple

Pay close attention as this dessert is to die for.  I prepared this one on the grill, using a rotisserie accessory from Weber.  You can also cut the pineapple into pieces and barbecue, glaze it and turn regularly. This dish is best served with whipped cream and plain vanilla ice cream, and it simply melts …

Salmon Teriyaki grilled on wooden plank

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki on a wooden plank

My not-so-fish loving brother asked me to put this recipe on the site after I cooked this for dinner last night.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any wooden plank, but I grilled directly at 150 degrees for around 20 minutes.  Best is to marinate the salmon for 4 hours+ (preferably overnight) and then grill in-directly on …


Dandelions are edible, who knew?

Who knew that Dandelions are edible?  During our walk today we saw few families running around picking the leaves and the flowers off the Dandelions in a nearby field. After a short google search we found out that the leaves are excellent for salads (great as a rucola replacement), the flowers are great to make …

Gingerbread Cookies and Blue Cheese

Gingerbread Cookies and Blue Cheese

Those of you who love to eat gingerbread cookies, I highly encourage you to try them with a bit of blue cheese.  I promise you, you will be surprised 😉


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