Its time …

After waiting for 10 years after Blizzard releasing a sequel to its Diablo series, Diablo III is finally out.  After a nightmare start in terms of server connectivity etc. I finally started yesterday with Charlotte almost falling asleep in front of the computer  Anyhow, always up for a game, my gamer tag on Battle.net is Bestur#1504

Leisure Suit Larry

Are you a backer?

As many developers don’t have the luxury of being well funded its safe to say that the site Kickstarter has been received with fanfare. Now gamers can support developers directly who want to focus on niche, independent or risky new gaming genres. So far I have supported Al Lowe who is bringing an old favorite, …

Future of gaming

Future of gaming

Jesse Schell, former creative director at Disney and a teacher in game design at Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center had a great presentation about current world of gaming and the future of gaming.  Funnily enough he mentions some of the things that I have mentioned in terms of incentivising future workforce generations or the video …


Mass Effect 3 announced!

Fantastic announcements yesterday!  Mass Effect 3 will be up for release next Christmas.  Those of you who haven’t played the first two could do a lot worse than play through them this Christmas.  Another one which will undoubtedly take up some of my time next year is Elder Scrolls 5 which is also due later …

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

For those of you who haven’t seen the latest trailer from this legendary upcoming game, enjoy!  What a blockbuster title this will be!

Who else but Rooney!

FIFA 11 vs PES 11

EA has done it!  Just as United beat Roma in the Championship League 7-1 couple of years back, EA wipes the floor with Konami once again and this year it is extremely bad.  Don’t get me wrong PES is better than last year in presentation, simplicity and focus, but the game is miles away from …



After reading some of the reviews for Singularity, I became interested in trying out the latest shooter from Raven.  Raven has made many fine shooters through the years, which most have been decent but never made it to the top.  As usually with the FPS the storyline did not interest me at all, at least …

Look who's on the cover

FIFA 11 countdown

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly counting the days down to the new FIFA 11.  I had the luxury of looking at EA’s newest update of the series at GAMESCOM in Cologne in August, presented by none other than David Rutter himself.  So, Fifa 11 in a nutshell, what is it all …

Assassins Creed II

Assassin’s Creed complete!

I became so inspired of my own article yesterday that I turned on my Xbox early this morning to finish Assassins Creed II.  Ezio did not disappoint, together we pushed the opposition out of the way and finished the game in record time with 930 achievement points out of 1000. For those of you who …

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 23.19.50

Who is your all-time favorite gaming character?

Having played computer games for the better part of my life, I wondered today who was essential my favorite gaming character.  During my teenage years I completely missed the earliest consoles and jumped straight to the PC genre.  I never had a PS1, never played specially much on PS2 and it wasn´t until the Xbox …