Tech diagram

What does this picture represent?

What a stunning picture! This picture is representative of something, does anyone want to guess what it demonstrates? Update! The picture represents all facebook users in the world and how they interconnect. Pretty impressive

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 20.46.15

Game changers : Steve Jobs

I would highly recommend that you to watch Bloomberg’s TV documentary of Steve Jobs and Apple.  Its about 48 minutes and involves interviews with everyone apart from Steve 😉  You got to love the guy.

Mint the cleaning robot

A cleaning robot?

It would not surprise me if this would become the-must-buy for those with hardwood floors, the picture above is a long-exposure photo of Evolution Robotics’ Mint cleaning robot in action overnight.  As you can see the robot is fairly precise in cleaning every single piece of the floor?  As you know we have used a …

Miniature New York

Different View of my favorite city

What an astonishing video!  The video below was shown at the Prix Arts Electronica where it was awarded for its distinction.  I find it hard to believe that this is not a miniature model of my all time favorite city, New York.  Enjoy!